Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Questions I Ask, Answered

First the questions, then the answers below:

1) If a man lives with a woman and enters her kitchen, everything he does will be wrong. If he lives alone and enters his kitchen, will everything he does still be wrong?

2) Why do 22 year old blonde beauties spurn young, handsome hunks for 70 year old, wrinkly billionaires?

3) How does a woman - who always sits on a toilet - become an expert in how men should aim better?

4) Why is it that everyone driving faster than you is a danger on the roads and everyone driving slower than you an inconsiderate road hog?

5) How is it that when we 'skate on thin ice', we can end up in 'hot water'?

6) I find it hard to wash myself while jumping so why do people say they will jump in the shower?


1) He will be fine as long as his lady friend doesn't visit and observe him in his kitchen.

2) I think it's something the do with the money.

3) She isn't. She just fails to understand the complexity of the task.

4) The obvious reason is everyone should drive the same speed as you.

5) Because both phrases were coined by wives for their errant husbands and it scarcely mattered, as they are always used in two separate sentences.

6) If you don't hear a thumping sound, then they probably aren't jumping at all.

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