Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Cockroaches Beware!

We have this new import cockroach that is proliferating 'nicely' but when they get into our space, be it home, garage or shed then the gloves are off. There are some that crossed that boundary and the local ants were well fed. This is taken well into the evening so they are hard workers.

Hedgehog's Chocolate Treat

We put out this chocolate cake base for the ants and along came our visiting Hedgehog and showed a strong partiality for the sweet stuff. You can also watch it on YouTube by clicking on the YouTube logo.

Friday, December 30, 2022

Bricks Farm - The Video

If you see the pictures of the same name on an article recently posted (see here), you'll notice there are some differences. It's larger for one and the layout has changed. There are now three farms, the main one in the middle and two smaller ones. There is a full screen feature to the right of the word YouTube you could click on the YouTube words and see the video on YouTube. It was taken by my drone camera circling overhead (just kidding).