Tuesday, September 15, 2020


One thing constant in this world is change. I have seen websites change their format and as a result navigating around them go from simple to all but impossible. They look more up to date but negatively affect simplicity and usability. The hyperactive advertisements work very well though.

This blog has a simple but effective behind the scenes interface. It is isn't broke why fix it? For reasons not explained by Google, they have created a new interface that seems to offer much the same thing in a different way. At first an invite to try it out and you can revert to the old one if you wish. Now its the default option each time its opened, having to manually go back the the older setup each time. The message has changed to it will become mandatory this month. Feedback is encouraged for any glitches.

I have a slight glitch. On my PC, I can't access any existing articles to modify and update, or even write new articles. I told them that but as with any large company, it costs money to reply I so won't get one. Besides, there always is some collateral damage with change.

I detest and resist the wasteful, greed fueled system we have to live in. I have an older PC that works fine but is now unsupported and apparently hopelessly outdated. I don't care. When possible I reject the change that is foisted upon us by corporations that have become so powerful, their egos far exceed their morality. I assume they some moral fibre left but that may be presumptuous on my part.

If the blog suddenly goes silent permanently, you will know why.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Monarch Butterflies 2020

Today it is a warm spring one and the monarch butterflies are having a great time doing acrobatic, syncronised movements around our property. They are also interspersing that with fuel stops at flowers (purple ones in particular) and creating the next generation of butterflies, if you get my drift. It gives a warm feeling to have them enjoying life even if they don't give us a second thought.

So how many beautiful monarchs have we released? My wife has tabulated a list. She initially wasn't at all keen to have the plants they feed on in the garden, but is now more committed than yours truly. By the way, can you spot the chrysalis in the picture above? The bird statue is of the Pukeko, a native of NZ known for wading in swampy areas. The caterpillar went 14 metres to get to this destination.

Back to the list of successful butterfly releases:

2016: 19
2017: 19

We realised they needed more protection from voracious predators so the work really began.

2018: 78
2019: 216
2020: 200 (January-August)

Friday, July 31, 2020