Thursday, March 28, 2024


I've noticed over the past years a steady stream of 'Alone' themed shows. It involves testing one's resolve against a harsh environment. A favourite is Alaska for obvious reasons but there are many other places that can also do similar. Recently, a group of Australians were sent into a remote part of New Zealand's South Island and individually had to survive.

I've decided I want in...but I'll be selective where I'm going. I'm waiting for the 'Alone Island Resort' challenge. It could be located in the Mediterranien or Caribbean Seas. the Indian or Pacific Oceans too. I'm not fussy. 

It would involve contestants being dropped at a top rated resort but not allowed to interact with each other...very often. Their tasks would involve getting to the buffet before 8am and taking sufficient supplies to last the day. Then assignments would be handed out, ensuring each one goes in a different direction. 

It could include water or para skiing which could freak out some. A sea biscuit option could be available for those not game for the former two. Scuba diving and surfing would be other aquatic challenges. Horse riding, beach walks and assisted rock climbing among terrestrial endeavours. You get the idea.

As evening approached, contestants would return to the resort for a necessary cleanup before sharing happy hour drinks together. Then back alone as each would go to different tables to choose their dinner from the finest quality fare listed on the menu. Finally on to their resort accommodation for a well earned rest before another hectic day to come. 

I could do this. Even the incentive of a reward for the one who endured the longest is not necessary. Sometimes competing is the reward in itself. So I'll bide my time until a lateral thinking tv executive gives such a show the green light. If you wonder which one is me, I'll be the one with the biggest grin. 

Picture source: COMO Laucala Island, Fiji. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Appreciating the wonderful world around us has a calming effect on our soul. 

If there is one thing worse than not being clever it is thinking that you are.

Rebelliousness is destabilising, mindless conformity is too easily manipulated. 

Intelligence needs to be moderated by humility if it is to be of true value.

Troubles are inevitable, self pity is optional.

Romantic love should never be taken for granted for it can be lost too easily. 

True contentment is being satisfied even if some of our needs or desires are not met.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Simple Knitted Doll

My wife knitted this doll. It has 28 stitches and 40 rows without any shaping. The arms and legs are not separate from the body but are differentiated by a stitch line 

It also needs some stuffing to give solidness to it. Add a little hair, some sort of hat and little facial features and it's all done. 

Different themes could be chosen. It would be nice as a gift to a child or anyone who would like this sort of thing as a cute accessory around the home.