Friday, December 4, 2015

The Light 'N Funny Blog

My first article was June, 2009 (can be seen here). There was no introductory article, just straight into a joke. The blog has retained its ethos of no commercialism allowed. There are no advertisements and when people use comments to promote business, they are deleted.

Statistics were added by owner Google in July, 2010 which have been useful. Using that data the top nations for visitors can be seem from the above date to the end of November, 2015.

USA 47.9%

New Zealand 6.2%

UK 5.6%

Canada 4.7%

Australia 3.8%

Russia 2.6%

Germany 2.3%

Others 26.9%

Overwhelmingly this blog is appreciated by people in the U.S. As jokes can be 'language dependent' to be understood, the fact that English speaking nations are the top five is not surprising.

I hope you enjoy future additions to the site. Thanks for coming and from a computer desk somewhere in New Zealand, enjoy.

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