Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Spelling Blunders

Sometimes spell check doesn't work because the wrong word typed is a legitimate word. It can be embarrassing. Here are a few examples.

On a job application to a boss who is vertically challenged:

"Look forward to hearing from you shorty" (shortly).

Writing to someone known to grovel to important people:

"I hope your meeting with the visiting CEO goes well toady" (today).

Communicating with a well-endowed woman:

"I understand you are really busty" (busy).

To a heavy person:

"I expect a prompt reply as you are known to be fat" (fast).

A note to a man named Raymond:

"May I call you Rat?" (Ray).

Finally a message on the computer:

Monday, September 10, 2018

Akaroa, Banks Peninsula

If you're still wondering where the place is, it's near Christchurch, NZ. It's a historic town that now trades on the fact that some French settlers who were dropped off there. Much of what they built has long since gone, but the place is a relaxing, picturesque location.

We drove south from the city of Christchurch, down to Lake Ellesmere. There we saw swarms of small insects forming towers that looked like bushes that didn't have a trunk. This went on for some miles but I didn't stop to photograph them. I'm not sure what they were and if they would come out well.

We arrived in the town, which seems to be in two sections along the waterfront. We walked about, enjoying the warm sun, clear blue sky and absence of any wind. it was certainly a change from busy Riccarton Rd where we were staying.