Sunday, May 29, 2016

Monarch Butterflies - Update (#12 in the series)

We're up to number eleven now, with ten coming on the 28th (NZT) and another on the 29th. The twelfth should be out soon, going by the chrysalis below. The wings are quite visible, which shows that they are nearly ready.

#9 nicely drying and #10 somewhat crumpled after its exit

#11 out with #12 still in the chrysalis but looking ready

PS. Unfortunately, #12 struggled to get out of the chrysalis and then its wings wouldn't open properly. It couldn't quite finish the journey to butterfly. #13 opened on the 31.05 NZT and is doing well. #14 came along on the 04.06.

To follow the series from the beginning, simply click here.


JacquiKnight said...

Great work RayCee. It's fascinating watching them and following their progress, isn't it? I feel sorry for those who have never enjoyed the experience.

RayCee Smith said...

Thank you Jacqui. True. We've learned so much. We soon could tell how close they were to the various new stages by tell tale signs. Reading about them is good but there is nothing like seeing them progress. It's also nice to help a creature that has been struggling a bit of late.