Wednesday, June 8, 2022

He Could Sell ...

He could sell sand to Arabs. 

He could sell scuba gear to a shark.

He could sell needles to a porcupine.

He could sell snowshoes to a camel.

He could sell water to a drowning man.

He could sell salt to a slug.

He could sell snow to Canadians.

He could sell hair shampoo to a bald man.

He could sell pork to a Jew.

He could sell an Anfield season ticket to an Everton fan. 

He could sell clothes at a nudist retreat.

He could sell binoculars to an eagle.

He could sell coffee to a Mormon.

He could sell an airline ticket to an aerophobic.

Monday, June 6, 2022

News Headlines

Dietary advice:

"Can Beetroot make you run faster"

If you need a laxative, no harm in giving it a try.


After a crocodile attack: 

"I was very lucky"

An understatement to say the least.


Covid contact:

"PM sorry for clubbing after Covid contact"

 There is no justification for assault.


At a safety meeting:

"Safety meeting ends in accident"

Pay attention at meetings!


Cricket match headline:

"India beat India by seven wickets"

Beating yourself is no mean feat.


A Mayor told the homeless:

"Go home"

I think they would if they could.


Disgruntled murderer:

"...detective ruined my reputation"

And you didn't ruin it yourself?


Tennis news:

“Are we saying goodbye to the GOATS at Wimbledon?” 

I thought the grass was mown, not nibbled. 

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Monarch Butterflies 2022

We have already had a bumper year of  Monarch butterflies this year. From January to mid May we said farewell to 333! That's a hundred up on last year. We are now going into the winter break so we will resume our care when the climate is more favourable. With predators and without help, few would survive

Picture above: This caterpillar walked several metres to latch and hatch on this shopping list in the garage!

Picture left: A lot of hungry ones feeding away on a plant. They soon got a new supply of swan plant.

Picture below: Another batch about to take to the sky. Thirteen was the most we had on a day.