Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cape Campbell Wildlife (Marlborough, NZ)

On the shoreline from Marfells Beach toward Cape Campbell, we saw some wildlife. There was even a beautifully preserved dead seal on the beach. I was going to photograph it but those with me thought it not appropriate. I wondered why it died, considering its good condition.

Shags (cormorants) on a rock. When the tide receded, they moved to new rocks,
keeping water between them and the shoreline

Shags gathered on a beach. They flew off when we got closer

A young one nearby, not as concerned by our presence

A seal sun's itself and gives a friendly wave with it's flipper

There were many of these, dead in the shoreline. I can't name it though

There were many Oyster Catchers, but I didn't have a good camera to get a great shot.
Here's one by Stephen Burch to show what they look like

A Grey Heron. I couldn't get a good shot again, so here's one by Nigel Roberts

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cape Campbell Scenery (Marlborough, NZ)

Cape Campbell is on the east coast of New Zealand, between Blenheim and Kaikoura. The lighthouse was completed in 1870 after numerous ships were wrecked on the rocks that go out from the point. It's wooden construction didn't last and by 1905 it had been replaced by a cast iron one.

It started as an oil burning light, but was converted to electric in 1938. In 1986, it was automated and therefore no longer manned by a lighthouse keeper. It has a range of 19 nautical miles (35kms).

Access to the cape and lighthouse is by walking from Marfells beach at low tide. We attempted it when the tide was starting to go out and had to keep high on the beach. The tiny stones you can see below were quite thick in depth and more tiring to walk on. A lower tide allows you to walk on hard sand. It took about two hours to get there and 1 1/2 on the return when the tide was lower. That was taking our time and enjoying the scenery.

Walking from Marfells Beach. The lighthouse is at the end of the peninsula

Nearly there!

An 1885 grave for a 7 month old baby situated by the lighthouse. Poignant

The lighthouse (taken looking south)

This one taken looking toward the west

This final picture came from Maritime NZ, looking east

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Picton Marina

On a visit to Picton, Marlborough NZ I took this video.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Book Marks (real ones)

Do many people read real books much these days? Is reading off a screen or a page made of paper? Both of course and I for one much prefer the real thing. I'm sure many find a screen practical but not as relaxing on the brain (is that a generational thing?) I also like to the broader scope of a paper publication than the smaller snapshot on a device. One thing I do prefer on a computer is the ability to find things. To go back to a place later in a paper publication you need to use a tag of a bookmark.

My wife enjoys crocheting bookmarks from embroidery cotton, shown below. She gives them out to friends or charities and their popularity would suggest reading from a real book hasn't gone out of fashion.