Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cape Campbell Wildlife (Marlborough, NZ)

On the shoreline from Marfells Beach toward Cape Campbell, we saw some wildlife. There was even a beautifully preserved dead seal on the beach. I was going to photograph it but those with me thought it not appropriate. I wondered why it died, considering its good condition.

Shags (cormorants) on a rock. When the tide receded, they moved to new rocks,
keeping water between them and the shoreline

Shags gathered on a beach. They flew off when we got closer

A young one nearby, not as concerned by our presence

A seal sun's itself and gives a friendly wave with it's flipper

There were many of these, dead in the shoreline. I can't name it though

There were many Oyster Catchers, but I didn't have a good camera to get a great shot.
Here's one by Stephen Burch to show what they look like

A Grey Heron. I couldn't get a good shot again, so here's one by Nigel Roberts

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