Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Best Wine

What is the best wine? Is it based on the price you paid? When you buy a consumer product such as an appliance or item of apparel the phrase 'You get what you pay for' is so often true. Is that how it works for wine?

I spoke to a person in the wine industry and he said the price you pay is often dependent on the amount available. How much you like it may not be relevant to the cost, unless your brain convinces you it must be good at that price.

That was confirmed recently when we had some guests around for dinner. They brought a bottle of red wine which was not a cheap drop. I supplemented that with some of my own. I estimate what I had was about a third of the price of theirs, but I buy it because I really like it.

During the evening the guest wanted to see the label of my wine because they really liked it too. I sensed surprise when they recognised it as part of a relatively basic range. Their generosity was appreciated, but their wine was nothing special to the palate.

So when you find a nice wine, run with it. If it's not expensive all the better. It seems to me that while you usually get what you pay for, in the case of wine, it often isn't that way at all.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Our Importance

Self worth is realising you have value, self importance is wanting everyone else to know it.

It's impossible to learn when one thinks he already knows everything.

Once we believe we have graduated, learning grinds to a halt.

A smart person believes only half of what people say about him; a wise person knows which half to believe. 

Greatness is measured by service, not status.

You cannot empty yourself in behalf others if you are full of yourself.

Having authority is not necessarily the same as being an authority.

It's important to learn the difference between prominence and significance. Some of the most significant people have almost no prominence.

Having the right isn't necessarily the same as being right.

Impressing people is different from being truly impressive.