Sunday, June 1, 2014

Men And Boxes

Man working, do not disturb

A man whose wife had a powerful job was asked what it was like being married to her. He said it was difficult as she couldn't stop being the boss when she came home. I was a manager once and learned how to switch off being the boss when I turned the key in the door to come home. Then when I arrived the next day to open up, 'the boss' came back.

That is a fundamental difference between the sexes. Men put their life into various boxes while women seem to have just one box. When men do things, they are in that box, fully focused. Women are moving around in the one box.

Doing it easily and with a smile

That is why women are good being around the home with a family. She can be doing a chore, the kids run in and she switches seamlessly to their needs, before going back to the chore. Everything is in one box. A man intensely doing a chore is in the 'doing something' box. When a child runs along, he has to get out the 'doing something' box and into the 'daddy sort it' box. Then climb back again. Going back and forth is tiring for the poor man. It is so much easier to switch if you can stay in one box all day, like a female can.

So men are good at focusing intensely, while women have a broader view. Of course this is a generalisation of the sexes, but it does seem to fit most. There are a male and a female for good reason. Both compliment each other.

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