Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Be As A Young Child

Children see things simply, in black and white. They are honest, without thought of rank, nor prejudiced. It is when we get older, our complicated world makes us change. There become grey areas of honesty, we are constantly ranked and then start doing that to others, we find reasons to prejudge on some basis. Out of all that we can become cynical, distrusting, proud and self-centred.

When a wise man of many years ago was asked by his position seeking followers who was the greatest, he replied "Unless you turn around and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven!" What an interesting angle, to be like children and therefore seeing things simply, openly. Then our ego becomes irrelevant.

Modern society makes this simple view of life a real challenge. It clouds our thinking, motives and desires. Material success is held out as something to be striven for, usually at the expense of time spent with family, at worship or opportunity to just to stop and meditate. That is because it demands so much from us to get there, yet there is no 'there'. It is a mirage that keeps moving away, so we have to keep chasing this illusion.

The most important thing we have is life, for without it nothing else matters. Then should come thanks or worship of the One who gave us life. After that those around us from family to good friends. Good health is a real asset too. Then comes work, possessions and the like. We need to live and money to do that, but we don't need that much.

As for any manager who expects you to neglect more important things to slave for his benefit, he needs a wake up call. Give 100% at whatever you do secularly, but unless you can nurture the much more important things, find another job if you can. I was a manager but as long as the staff gave their best at work, I knew they then had the right to enough time for what really matters. In that way they start feeling as young children do, seeing things simply and clearly.


Tabitha Baldwin said...

Nicely summed up Unc.

RayCee Smith said...

Thanks Tabitha. I know what I want to say, but choosing the right words is the challenge.