Friday, August 21, 2015

Healthy Banana (fruit) Dessert

Healthy food is what we want and I am all for promoting anything that is good for you, dear reader. We have recently bought a Yonanas Dessert Maker, where you put frozen fruits such as banana, mango, pineapple and berries through it. Take a few frozen bananas and feed them through and out comes a delightful dessert with a texture of ice cream. It really does work.

The thing is salad bananas are what you need to use, that is very ripe ones. Take off the skin and freeze, then process as desired. However, Australian readers may want to turn away as the remainder of the blog article could induce unwell feelings, even nausea. We went to the local supermarket and asked if they had salad bananas out the back. They came through with a box we later weighed and found to be 9kg net. A mixture of Dole and Bonita brands for NZ$2.99 in total.

That gets rid of bananas the store cannot sell for the regular price and is much appreciated by a loyal customer. It also makes an inexpensive dessert that is good for you. I can absolutely recommend the machine, unless you live in Australia. Bananas are too expensive over there, despite the fact that they grow them. For elsewhere, enjoy.

Below are the necessary ingredients.