Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bamboo Pillows

In NZ, they sell bamboo pillows through television and home shows. We went to the latter and came out with two of them. Neither my wife nor I can get comfortable with them. We wake up with more discomfort than from other pillows. I find I push all the foam to the sides and wake up with my head flat on the bed. My wife doesn't have that problem but still feels it doesn't shape to a comfortable height. It is the sort of product that either works for you or doesn't, but not for us at all.

The fact is the name is misleading. Only the pillowcase has some bamboo in it, none in the filling at all. What's inside it is a mixture of memory and ordinary foam (see pic below). They do state the composition but calling it a bambillo pillow - as they do in NZ - gave me a different picture of what it is.

Having said that, firstly we wanted a good nights sleep. For us a fail. Secondly we all like value for money and I have to say the $60 price for each gave me the feeling this is overpriced. That is my perception and I would be curious as to how much they cost to make.

Reviews I have since read seem to have about a third of users very happy and two thirds very unhappy. If they come your way, be aware they may or may not do it for you.

A photo of the foam that is inside the pillows we got. Surprising 

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