Friday, May 2, 2014

Jerusalem Artichokes

They are not from Jerusalem, nor are they artichokes. This plant is part of the sunflower family, originally from Eastern North America. The root is used as a vegetable, about 10% protein and not starchy like a potato. They contain inulin which converts to fructose, giving it a sweet taste.

We planted one only to see how they went and it produced a generous harvest. They are fiddly to prepare, with the tuber similar to ginger in shape. We love the flavour, they provide fibre, benefit the immune system and a good antioxidant source. We found the edible skins not so nice, but roasted them pealed.

Just coming up...
...and there is the harvest off one plant!

I think that's a 10 litre pale, so plenty of good eating.

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