Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Rules Of Living: Morality

This is a delicate one to comment on as not all things are right or wrong, and there are so many individual opinions on the subject. So while some things such as murder are wrong to everyone, for everything else it comes down to your own take on it. In some cases if you can get away with it, then why not - even if you know you shouldn't.

Where do we get values? We have an inbuilt law called a conscience that is the basis of morality. That in turn is shaped by our personality, family, community, religious beliefs and our own inherent flaws. Our conscience can be molded or even desensitised, but it always remains in some form. So how do I see morality?

1) Morality must be based on a something reliable and trustworthy. If you need an accurate measurement, you use something accurately marked. The result could be a failure if we just guessed a measurement. Many today - especially the young - lack a standard they can trust to put them on the right course.

2) It takes determination to stick to what you know is right. Being with others who have differing standards to yours is a challenge. It is so easy to go with the majority, even if it makes you uncomfortable doing so. Never ignore your standards and back off if others insist on continuing. Better still, associate only with those who either have similar standards or will respect your decision.

3) The majority can be wrong. We cannot adopt the herd mentality. Society's morality is in virtual freefall at the moment. Accepting it's falling values will hurt us.

4) Be honest in assessing morality. Our heart's desire can let us down badly. What seems right now can feel anything but later on. Once we know something is the correct, move quickly to reinforce that. Don't give our heart - or others - time to change our mind.

5) The best standard I have found is in an ancient book. The most circulated book in the world by far has the answers. Unfortunately its message is twisted to suit - or not consulted at all - by too many. An honest appraisal of its standards gives us help now and a happy future. Find publications or genuine readers of that book to help us get the most out of it.

We need morality. It shields us and gives us dignity. Society is glued together with it, and the planet is protected by it. We turn our backs on it at our peril.

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