Monday, November 25, 2013

My Rules Of Living: Tidiness

I used to make and install customised wardrobes (US: closet). When I would arrive at the house, I was shown the rooms I would be installing them in. When coming to the rooms youths slept in, sometimes the existing wardrobe was empty and the floor was piled high with clothes. I wondered if my handiwork would ever be used.

I cannot understand why parents would allow such slovenliness in their home. Permissive parenting isn't something I respect. If you love your children, give them boundaries and insist on standards. They will squeal and protest now, but will thank you one day.

My parents insisted on standards for me to live by, and I still hold to them many years later. So what are some of them? Tidiness is one:

1) I always make my bed before leaving home. I get up, let it air as I do necessary things, then make it before going out. When I come home, the bedroom is tidy and I feel good.

2) All clothing is put in it's proper place. Clean clothes are put hung up or put on shelves. Dirty laundry goes to the basket. I can take pride in my bedroom environment.

3) Dishes are either put in the dishwasher or cleaned immediately. I don't get up in the morning to a pile of dishes. They are also easier to clean if not left. All kitchen items are in cupboards in their rightful place, not scattered across the bench tops.

4) The lounge is always tidy. If guests pop in anytime, I can show them into the lounge without apologising for catching me out. No, I don't believe people either when they say "We're not normally like this".

5) Keep the car clean, inside and out. Having a rubbish bag hooked over a headrest stops junk hitting the car floor. I have got into some cars where I didn't know where to put my feet, there was so much rubbish in the foot well.
It doesn't take long with a hose and soapy water to clean the outside. A wipe down with a chamois afterwards if you want a better finish. An occasional polish and wax if you want a wow factor.

I don't enjoy cleaning, and it would be easy to let things slip. However, I was taught the satisfaction of keeping things nice. Living in a pleasant environment builds self respect too. So thank you mum and dad for insisting on standards. I grumbled at times, but you persisted. It shows to me that you cared and that I need to care about my surroundings.

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