Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Light 'n Funny Plus Opinion Summary 2011

This blog started in June 2009 as a light hearted thing. The opinion side was added later to give it an occasional serious note - hopefully not too much so. In July 2010, Google started giving bloggers a hit count so I could gauge visitor numbers, and for 2011, there will be about 4,300 hits in total, or 360 hits per month.

Self Contradicting Phrases - Top 30 has always been popular but lately
Your Name...(Romantic) and Tui Advertisements were two very popular blogs.

Where do you come from?
Since July 2010 as follows:

USA 36.4%
NZ 10.2%
UK 7.3%
Australia 5.0%
Others 41.1%

Visitors from Germany, Russia and Canada have been solid also. January 2012 will be a busy blog month for me with my car sales blog, but there will still be plenty here too.

I have kept the blog an advertisement free zone. It is a hobby and a pleasure, not a business. It is nice to have you along. You don't have to be registered to leave a comment and your feedback - whether a positive thought or constructive criticism - is welcome. So please come again and enjoy.

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