Monday, September 29, 2014

The Embarrassing Phone Message.

I'm not really into tech things. I think most gadgets are more complicated than is necessary. I use them for their basic function and get on with real life. If you do decide to get into all the features, it takes hours studying the manual and wading through all the option you didn't want. The problem can be learning a little but not learning enough.

Once I had come in from mowing the lawn, hot and needing a shower. My wife was soon going to follow me in. I checked for any missed calls and remembered that you could leave a message on the phone that others could retrieve by pressing a button. I left a very cheeky message about going in the shower and after she had also, we could meet on the bed for...well that's enough for you to get what it was like. I called there was a message I had left for her an went for the clean up.

My wife came in the the bedroom and got dressed. I asked if she got the message and she said there was none there. I went and checked and there was no message. I decided it hadn't recorded and thought no more of it.

Two weeks later a friend of ours left a message when we were out and said we needed to check the answerphone message as there was something not right about it. I checked it and the missing invitation for my wife had become the public message. I was so embarrassed to think that for two weeks such a personal communication was heard by anyone who called.

Later I asked around as to why they didn't tell me. They all said they were surprised, but left it at that. Even the secretary where I work who often called never said anything, but said she wondered what was going on.


It just goes to show that you cannot always trust your friends to be honest with you. Also, don't play around with gadgets unless you know what you are doing.

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