Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Find The Vegetables

The story below has vegetable names placed throughout. The spelling and pronunciation may not always be perfect, but always close to it, if not exact. There are twelve in total and the answers are at the bottom of the page under the picture. By the way, the picture isn't necessarily representative of what to look for.

This wasn't a good day. It started when I went to take the car to town wearing light sandals. As I walked down the path I kicked a pot. A toe now throbbing, I drove into the city centre with my wife (Barbara) for an appointment where we broke down on a yellow line. I hoped a traffic warden wouldn't turn up but one did. Noticing she was a Swede, I small talked about that and then asked for time to call a tow truck. She let us! Phew. 

The tow truck finally came and he hooked up the car. "Rotten luck" he said and drove off. We then called a cab. Ages later it came and took us to our appointment. We had been bumped down the queue so found a seat to sit on. Eons later we finished our business. 

My wife suggested I sort out the car repair and I replied I shall. Lots of time had already been wasted today so I got on to it. We arranged a meeting place and when I finally got to her, I was late and she wanted to know where I had been as it was was now quite chilly. "Just picking up the car" I said in an irritated tone. I then apologised in an effort to appease her. Not doing so would otherwise be something I would rue. Barb was good about it though. What a day!

pot. A toe - Potato
turn up - Turnip
Swede - Swede
let us - Lettuce
car. "Rotten - Carrot
cab. Ages - Cabbages
on. Eons - Onions
shall. Lots - Shallots
been - Bean
chilly - Chilli
appease - Peas
rue. Barb - Rhubarb


Anonymous said...

I had to go over it again but I finally got them all.

RayCee Smith said...

Wow, well done.