Friday, December 25, 2015

Getting Sugar Under Control

In a previous article I wrote about white sugar being an enemy, I thought it wise to add how to beat the addiction. You may be surprised to think of it as an addiction but tests show that it is extremely addictive. Most of our consumption is through bought, processed foods. The food industry knows about it but they are there to sell to you again and again, not nurture your well being.

So how to beat it? As I have been reading labels for years on products and avoiding 'hidden' sugar, I didn't have an addiction to beat. However I just liked some processed foods like ice cream for example. I got a machine that turns frozen fruit into a delicious desert and no more ice cream (found here). There are all sorts of ways to beat the system - that wants you hooked on sugar - I call healthy alternatives.

So how about some practical advice. I could just copy from a web page but I know of one that seems to say the right things on the subject, so I suggest you take a look. I'm not a health professional but one who for my own physical condition had to limit sugar and much of what is said here I now do. Simply click on MBG.

Some things I don't touch such as soft drinks and also fruit juice. If I want fruit, I eat fruit. If I am thirsty I drink room temperature or warm water (not iced). I don't suck on a bottle all day but drink a full glass. Instead of coffee (I recently started a low coffee consumption regime) I substitute with a carob powder drink. Find what works for you as we are all different. Except in one way...white sugar is bad for all of us.

For all that, will power is the major player. Unless you have the commitment to win, you won't. It's that simple.

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