Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Food Public Enemy Number One

I remember my mother reading about public enemy #1 and #2 written by Doris Grant. She criticised the processed food industry for overuse of refined carbohydrates, especially white bread and white sugar. It caused a rethink in our diet and we went from heavy consumers of above ingredients to lesser users.

More recently I have for health reasons cut back to virtually zero white sugar. I still eat a fair amount of white flour but mix it with wholemeal when baking it. I never buy commercially made bread as it doesn't agree with me the same as home made.

If one could do one improvement in their diet, I would suggest virtual elimination of white sugar. Some sources claim it is nutritious but I beg to differ. The appearance and taste tell me all benefit has been removed in the processing of it.

Sucrose is found in fruit but there is a difference between natural sucrose that found in white sugar or syrup usually found in processed foods. The refining process ensures there is no nutritional value. In fact they take energy and health. I don't want to sound a crusader but these are my personal thoughts, not shared by all. I know I feel better with minimal white sugar and I don't hold back on naturally occurring sucrose.

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