Sunday, November 29, 2015

Saying The Wrong Thing

Sometimes we say something we don't mean to be upsetting, but we will from time to time. I know I have said something about the relationship between two people and got it wrong. Saying something like "Is this your grandchildren"? when she's the mother. I recall annoying a lady when visiting a property and when this very young looking person opened the door, saying in a cute voice "Is mummy home"? I got a terse 'Speaking".

A young looking man who married a woman much older told me he was often confused for her son. They both had the reasonableness to accept why and not let it get them upset. My wife has a habit of saying to women who have a prominent stomach "When is the baby due?" She gets looks for that because they aren't anything of the sort. I have convinced her not to mention pregnancy, unless it's obvious.

My brother used to have a habit of repeatedly calling someone the wrong name. Once the incorrect name was lodged in his brain, he mistakenly kept doing it. I think some people thought he was being smart with them.

My biggest wrong with speech didn't affect others, just me. At my place of worship, someone who was supposed to read something out wasn't there and I volunteered. Almost immediately the word 'virginal' came up and because it isn't a word I use much, I got it wrong. I knew immediately my error, but it was out. I got teased for it afterward and as a newly married man at the time, it added to the embarrassment. No, I'm not telling you the word as you probably worked it out anyway.

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