Saturday, October 1, 2016

Unnecessary Things

When I get emails from people, sometimes it has a message saying that it came from an iPad. Why would I care? The email arrived and that's all that matters. From what sort of aperatus it was sent is of no interest to me. I've decided to add a message with each of my emails I send: 'Sent from my PC.'

Saying to someone "How are you" when you clearly don't want to know.
Or saying "To be honest..." Err, other times you aren't?
Then there's 'Needless to say..." but you then say it anyway.
What about "This person needs no introduction", then they are introduced.

Corporate greed. Top corporate people are overpaid. Yet greed deludes them into thinking they are worth it and more. Companies foolishly buy into it by paying them far too much. If they do a lousy job, they then get a massive severance pay. Common sense isn't that common, even in 'successful' big business.

Glad the sign was there

Nature programmes putting numerous references into the narration about evolution, as if it is a fact. If a nature programme made regular references to creation, it would be considered religiously biased indoctrination. What hypocrisy. Just talk about nature and cut the brain washing.

The 'make or break' comment in media articles. I have read about a new car is being a 'make or break' model for the company, when in fact its failure will do nothing of the sort. The car maker will still continue even if the car is a flop. Sports journalists often use the same expression about a game but when you do the maths, it isn't. They can still succeed even if they lose that game. It's just media hype and dishonesty rolled into one.

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