Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Being Truly Different

Many people like to think they are different, think for themselves and are not dictated to by others. It isn't easy. I recall being on a coach trip with many youthful types who had a heavy drinking culture. My wife and I chose not to partake but were friendly with all. The rest soon cooled toward us as we turned down their drinking matches and bar hopping.

One young lady confided that she didn't want to be part of it, but knew she would be on the outer if she did what we did. As she said "It's alright as a couple like you, but for me on my own it would be too much". We reassured her she could hang around with us but she said she would rather mix with the other singles and put up with their drinking.

I must say even being a couple didn't make it easy, but even on my own I would not have joined in. If I believe in something and that costs me, then so be it. I have little respect for others who will not respect another's right to live as they wish, if it is not hurting anyone.

So many like to think they are different, but are are in fact joined to some group within society where they have to conform. Those who will not tow the line of a particular culture can expect to be somewhat of a loner. Most people cannot accept someone who is different. That is too difficult for them to be truly different.

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