Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Upbringing Affected Me

Parents can have a profound effect on their children. It's a serious subject but in this instance, it will take a light hearted turn. If some of the things were were told as children were taken literally, it would be confusing, frustrating or even lead us in the wrong direction.

For example, my mother always seem to know what I was doing, even if she didn't seem to be looking. She said it was because "I have eyes in the back of my head". I used to look but the long hair meant I couldn't see them. I'm glad I didn't take after her in that way because I wouldn't want eyes there.

If I was being scolded but found it amusing, I was told to "Wipe that smile off your face". Now I have my features pushed to one side with all the wiping.

Mum used to wonder why my school grades were so poor. If only she realised it was her own fault. She kept telling me "Don't you be smart".

I was also told at times to "You had better pull your socks up!" I found that so frustrating because I wouldn't even be wearing long socks!

Another annoyance was when mum would say "Two can play at that game". The thing is I wasn't playing a game at the time and we didn't end up playing one either.

If I was crying in a whinging way one of my parents would say "Stop your crying or I will give you something to cry about". I already had something to cry about. I didn't need another reason!

I went out with a lovely young lady but I found out she had an unusual nickname 'Trouble'. For that reason I didn't go out with her again. How did mum know that I was going to meet a girl with that name? She would often say "Now don't you go courting trouble".

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