Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nature Programmes

I used to enjoy watching nature programmes. They were produced with the understanding that children would be watching and any gruesome events they may have filmed ended up on the editing room floor. I agreed with that, as watching lovely animals being killed isn't what I have ever wanted to watch.

Now it seems a change has taken place. If I turn to a channel that features wildlife, it invariably involves predators making a kill. I am sure apologists for such will say that it is reality. It happens so why shield people and even young children from reality?

The same logic would dictate that if a documentary is made about a city, then it must include detailed footage of all that goes on. The red light district and seedy sex industry, closing time at late night bars, graphic images of the results of car accidents and even some information about extortion and the criminal world that operates in these cities. After all, we don't want to shield even the young from the reality of what city life is, do we?

The fact is some human behaviour isn't suitable viewing as indeed is some of the animal variety. The increase in tolerance to things that were once deemed unpleasant but now accepted or even enjoyed shows deteriorating standards in virtually all areas of humanity. I for one don't watch the animal shows anymore.

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