Monday, June 8, 2015

"Our Zoo" (in Chester)

A picture of the zoo when I visited some years ago

In New Zealand we are about to finish viewing an excellent television series, Our Zoo. Set in Cheshire UK, it is about a man who fights to establish his own zoo that will be humane to the animals, without bars and the animals given fair treatment. Unfortunately some of the locals are anything but fair in trying to stop him. I must say the BBC did a wonderful job in the production of this drama. I won't say more in case you ever see it.

I was there some years ago and visited the zoo as I had relatives in the area where I stayed. It is well worth a visit if in the north east of England. You can see more about the zoo by clicking here. The series is viewable on YouTube at present. The preview is viewed by clicking here and series one by clicking here. The latter isn't great size or quality but OK.

Przewalski's Horse. Notice how nicely they can be viewed

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