Thursday, June 18, 2015

National Culture US v UK.

Nations have cultures that squeeze people into its mould. It's only when people travel that they see other ways of doing things and that maybe the culture in another place is more to their liking. So how would you compare the culture of the US and the UK? It's complex but we will look at one aspect.

Scenario #1: Many years ago I spoke to a man who worked at an airport. He said back in those days he would watch an aeroplane approach the runway and would know if it was a US or UK national doing the flying. He said a UK pilot would carefully follow corridors that were assigned the craft. The US equivalent would come swooping in, cutting corners on his flight path.

Scenario #2: More recently I saw a television programme about a large building project in the US and a camera crew followed the owner around in a reality show format. The building site foreman was flown from the UK every week and back again for the weekend. The owner was asked why he went to such trouble and he replied it was because a UK foreman would make sure high standards would be enforced.*

Conclusion: Considering even just one aspect, we can see how nations can vary greatly in their culture. How things are expected, or accepted, can affect how things get done. Once ingrained, it becomes the way things are.

PS. To see how a culture can be established, simply click here.

*What he meant was shown when a truck driver entered the site the wrong way. There was a one way system but he found it quicker not to use it. The foreman went over and ordered him to turn around and enter the correct way. He was told if he did it again he would be barred altogether.

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