Tuesday, March 11, 2014


They are so useful, but a pain if you need to use your hands while holding one up to protect you from the rain. Someone has tried to fix this:

...and I must say it has merit.

This next effort is supposed to be stylish and easy to handle with what looks like a strap around the shoulders:

.... but it gives poor coverage lower down and looks unusual.

As for this effort, it gives better coverage than above:

...but looks cumbersome and claustrophobic.

Now this one has an eye on fashion:

... but it appears useless in keeping you dry. It looks daft too.

If you have to share one, this could be a solution:

... but what if you are alone? 
Plus the protection isn't that great anyway.

One that that looks effective and natural. Someone could walk behind as well. Biodegradable too:

... but not available everywhere and one not giving full protection.

I guess it could be mission impossible, finding the perfect solution. Maybe this is it:

... wear a raincoat and enjoy yourself.

Or maybe it's a case of safety in numbers:

I think I like the first one. That gets my vote anyway.

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