Monday, April 15, 2013

Recommended Book Titles: Part 3

If you enjoy reading, may I suggest yet more of my favourite titles:

World War II by Tom E. Gunn
Saving For A Rainy Day by Justin Case
How Was Your Date? by Terry Bull
Advertising Tips by Bill Board
How To Lose Weight by Will Power
Diminishing Swampland by
Duane Pipes
What Car To Buy by Iona Ford
Hanging drapes by Kurt & Rod
The King Of Spades by Doug Garden
The Dangerous Run by Cliff Trotter
Handy Video Tips by Cam Korda
Myth Busting by I de Bunk
Kiddies Games by I. Spy
Summer Respite by Claudia Day

For more, try Part 1Part Two Part Four & Part Five.

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