Friday, April 12, 2013

Recommended Book Titles: Part 2

If you enjoy reading, may I suggest some more of my favourite titles:

Computer Problems by Vi Russ
The Overweight Man by Phil Upton
The Fugitive by I. Leggett
Know Your Flowers by Rose Budd
Respectful Prayer by Neil Down
Our Big Family by A.Rabbit
The Bald Man by N. O’Hare
Animal Rearing by Ivor Ramsbottom
Full Moon by Seymour Butt
Getting Rich by Robin Banks
Negative Thinking by Will Knott
Touching your Toes by Ben Dover
Avoiding Detection by Bob Down
Scary Monsters by Frank N. Stein
The Shoot by Clay Pidgeon
Springtime by May Flowers
No Tomorrow by Liv Forday
Asian Holiday by Rick Shaw

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