Saturday, July 1, 2017

Local Sports Coaches - Part 2

When some local people took to coaching sports in our area, they had mixed results. I have given a rundown of how these enthusiastic amateurs fared as they tried to make their teams winners. The first part can be found by clicking here. Now for some more I have noted.

The local speedway driver thought he had what it took, but after initial success, over training caused the team to struggle and duly hit a wall.

The town's plumber had a similar problem and after they were initially flushed with success, as the season progressed the side looked increasingly drained.

The undertaker thought he could work wonders but from the outset, the performances were grave and their season was soon dead and buried.

A popular DJ was expected to fail. But rather than have to face the music, the team was soon rocking.

A market gardener tried his hand at unearthing local talent. He got the players confidence to grow and produced a fine crop of players.

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