Monday, October 2, 2017


Welcome to my personal quiz. There are ten questions only, and by the end, you will discover something amazing about yourself. No cheating by looking down until you have answered all the questions honestly.

When answering the questions below, award yourself zero points for A answers, and 2 points for B answers. If you cannot decide which one, that's 1 point.

1) The toilet seat

A) Up
B) Down

2) Who should hold the television remote?

A) Man
B) Woman

3) Which brand appeals?

B) Hyundai

4) Who open a beer bottle or can better?

A) Men
B) Women

5) Best bar meal

A) Steak & Chips (fries)
B) Pasta

6) I want a...

A) Land Rover Discovery
B) Mazda MX5

7) I would prefer...

A) Watching the game with a few mates and some refreshments
B) Shopping, carrying a credit card with a nil balance

8) It's more important for a car to...

A) Handle well
B) Be a nice colour

9) I prefer

A) Power tools
B) Kitchen utensils

10) I would love to

A) Drive a supercar down a country road
B) Have a make over

Now for the result below....

If you scored

0-4: You'd make Tim The Tool Man Taylor Proud.

5-8: Your testosterone is fairly high

9-12: Al Borland territory

13-16: Definitely a feminine leaning

17-20 Your estrogen is in full flow

If you want to share your scores, please do reply in the comments box. I scored a four. Phew.


M I N D E E said...

14 =)

RayCee Smith said...

Sorry for not answering sooner! Well Mindee, a well rounded woman you must be, without overdoing it. A nice balance.