Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lost, Bored, & Unpleasant

Who am I referring to? The troll. "One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument". In extreme cases they direct harsh and nasty criticism to others who leave comments. Moderators remove the worst offenders. Some sites have stopped allowing comments because of the cost of constantly monitoring them. Some things of note:
Trolls want you like this...

Lost: They find website of no interest to them or that contains things that annoy them. To do that they must get easily lost.

Bored: Often their comments claim to have a dislike of the subject under discussion. Then why are they still there? I only go to a website to read things that interest me.

Unpleasant: Having stumbled onto a site by accident, finding they don't want to be there, they then proceed to leave a comment, then another, come back later with another. Each one attacking others and the subject. Nothing nice about that attitude.
...but give them some of this
by ignoring them altogether

Summary: Obviously the first one (Lost) is a touch sarcastic because this isn't an accidental visit. They probably have a boring life because it (life) is too short to waste time behaving like this. Unpleasant is a kindly word to explain these people. I think they have an inner frustration and want others to feel what they feel.

The solution: It amazes me the people that get dragged into their petty existence. The last thing they want is to be ignored, because they want to bug you. If you aren't bugged or refuse to show it, then they fail in their sad, unpleasant mission.

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