Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Find The Car Brands

The story below has the names of cars placed throughout. The spelling and pronunciation may not always be perfect, but always close to it, if not exact. There are thirty in total and the answers are at the bottom of the page under the picture. By the way, the picture isn't necessarily representative of what to look for. There are a few tough ones and a few of the brands are no longer in existence

A mixed bunch of us decided to go on a walk up a local hill which was steep in places. Sue, a curator at the local zoo organised it. She was a West Indian and quite a character. Unfortunately she brought her young son with her too, named Lex.

Off we set from the car park early in the morning. Almost straight away Lex wanted to relieve himself of a toy he had brought. I wasn't his caddy! Lacking tact I told him sternly he shouldn't have brought it. His laughs suddenly turned to cries. Learning from my mistake, I held my hand out for the toy. "Oh, ta" I said, feigning appreciation and rather than hold on to it, I stuffed it in my pack.

We crossed a ford where from behind we heard an "Ow". Diane had nearly fallen into the water. The only damage was that she broke a link on a bracelet chain. She kept upright by grabbing onto a raised jag. "You are lucky" we exclaimed. "You could have twisted your ankle, so you certainly dodged a bullet there. It might pay for a moment to sit". Ron was impatient and reminded us of the steep walk ahead up the hill. Managing that in a day would be a challenge.

As we ascended Sue complained "Dat sun is certainly hot. I can't go on much more. Is it far to go?" Ron replied it was only a miniature hill and stop complaining.

Suddenly we couldn't see Lex. Usually always close to his mum, he had wandered off to see a dog on some nearby flat farmland. "Rover" the farmer called and the sheep dog was gone, up over a great wall that separated the paddocks. Lex rejoined and was scolded by his mum.

Diane then made a big fuss about a small insect that flew into her mouth. I said to her "It's just a bug!" At times she could be such a drama queen.

We reached the top and admired the view we could see, on into infinity, it seemed. Sue wisely noted rain was coming and it was going to pour. She suggested not to delay our descent. Besides. it was getting late. Lex said he wanted some supper. Joe, who had been quiet so far said it was not the time for that. His mum said that supper was something for which they didn't cater. Ham sandwiches were all she had so that had to suffice.

We headed down the hill with a cold wind arriving, dropping the mercury quickly. Off went Di's hat. Sue soon retrieved it and we continued with haste. Ron noticed something shiny on the ground and it was Sue's zoo key. That was a lucky break! We eventually made it back dry. Joe asked about the entrance fee at the zoo, saying she wanted to bring her family there soon. Everyone said ta-ta and made our way home, tired but cheery.

a curator - Acura
caddy! (Lac)king - Cadillac
cries. Lear(ning) - Chrysler
toy. "Oh, ta" - Toyota
hold on - Holden
ford - Ford
"Ow". Diane - Audi
link on - Lincoln
jag. "You are - Jaguar
dodged - Dodge
sit". Ron - Citroen
hill. Managing - Hillman
Dat sun - Datsun
more. Is - Morris
miniature - Mini
Lex. Usually - Lexus
land. "Rover" - Land Rover
great wall - Great Wall
bug!" At time - Bugatti
see, on - Scion
infinity - Infiniti
pour. She - Porsche
sup(per). Joe - Peugeot
cater. Ham - caterham
mercury - Mercury
Di's hat. Sue - Daihatsu
Sue's zoo key - Suzuki
fee at - Fiat
ta-ta - Tata
cheery - Chery

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