Thursday, September 1, 2016

Find The Fruit

The story below has the names of fruit placed throughout. The spelling and pronunciation may not always be perfect, but always close to it, if not exact. There are fifteen in total and the answers are at the bottom of the page under the picture. By the way, the picture isn't necessarily representative of what to look for. There are a few tough ones!

My sister Mel and I, along with our friends Les and Anna, made a date to hire canoes and meander along a nearby river. The day arrived but before pushing the boats into water we decided to have a hot drink of cocoa. Nuts were passed around for energy. Unfortunately the weather was anything but sublime. In New Zealand, it is winter in June. I personally was having doubts about the excursion.

We figured on going upstream at first, so we paired off into each boat. I had the plum position at the rear, with Mel on the front seat. Before even starting, Anna was busy with her smart phone down loading an app. Les told her off and her device was under ban. Anna reluctantly complied and off we went.

Anna was soon finding the upstream route tiring and was struggling to endure. I and the others slowed, being aware of her problem. Eventually we all needed a pee. Each of us took turns behind a bush on the bank. Both ladies concurred that such an inconvenience was easier for a man. Going on then became doubtful as the sky turned black. Current with us, we made speedy work getting back to the car.

On returning the gear to Angie's Boat Hire we realised something was missing, an oar. Angie insisted we pay for the loss, but apart from that it was a good day out.

date - Date
cocoa. Nuts - Coconut
sublime - Lime
June. I personally - Juniper (Berry)
figured - Fig
paired - Pear
plum - Plum
Mel on - Melon
app. Les - Apple
ban. Anna - Banana
endure. I and - Durian
pee. Each - Peach
man. Going - Mango
black. Current - Black Currant
oar. Angie - Orange


Anonymous said...

Hahaha.... Very good ... Couldn't get mango for the life of me.

RayCee Smith said...

I'm surprised you did that well. Excellent effort.

Anonymous said...

Managed 13 - missed juniper and durian.


RayCee Smith said...

Well done.