Monday, May 2, 2016

The Last Request

Three sons had been educated and set up in life, thanks to the guidance of their father. When he got near to dying he contacted each son to say that he had a request for each one of them. To express their appreciation to their father, they were to each put $1,000 in his coffin as they paid their last respects. He duly passed away.

The first son, a tradesman, visited the funeral parlour and did as asked by putting a bundle of one hundred $10 notes (bills - US) and left. The next son, a teacher, likewise brought his $1000 in $100 notes and left. Finally the third son arrived, an accountant. He looked down in the coffin and looked at the cash. He then wrote out a cheque for $3000 and placed it in the coffin. He then took out his $2000 change.

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