Saturday, January 23, 2016

Reputation Or Money?

What is more important? Reputation is how others view us. Money pays the bills and buys things we want. If we had to sacrifice one, which would it be? Which do we value the most? I am not talking here about trying to please everyone so we are popular. Rather, about our real reputation, based on good values.

There was a saying in English that said 'a man is as good as his word'. How honest and dependable he was determined how good a man he was. A business deal could be done on a handshake. Would it be wise to do that today? How many keep their word no matter what transpires after he spoke?

In the Bible book of Psalm 15:4, it talks about a man "who keeps his word whatever the cost" or "he does not go back on his promise, even when it is bad for him" or again "makes a promise and does not break it, even though he is hurt by it". Different translations have differing nuances.

To do that may cost us a lot of money. However, our reputation remains intact, and it is even enhanced if it becomes known to others. In the long run, the trust and respect a person has may be financially advantageous, as people want to do business with someone they trust. I learned the hard way that dealing with someone not keeping their word is costly and painful.

On a personal level I want to sleep soundly, knowing I did right by others. Of course, we all make mistakes and some of those will cost us our reputation. It takes years to build and is lost in minutes. We cannot take our money with us but our reputation can linger for a long time after we have gone.

So what is worth more, reputation or money? A far as wealth goes I am who I am, regardless of how much money I have. What I own does not define me, but how I treat others does. The latter is what my reputation will be based on. Therefore my reputation is what is valuable to me.

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