Wednesday, October 21, 2015

In Praise Of Technology - Pizza Delivery GPS Apps

Some people feel technology is taking over. However, I think it time I redressed the balance and spoke out in favour of how much technological advances, and even enhance our lives. Take the new and exciting pizza delivery GPS app. There are benefits to the pizza company with this, but I will focus on the benefits to the end consumer.

When you order a pizza, the estimated delivery time is given. However, it is only an estimate so you wait anxiously. Not only are there hunger pangs to deal with, it's also the anticipation. A car door slams outside and you run to the front door only to find it was the neighbour arriving home late. Dejected, you slump back into the easy chair, your carefully honed stomach fat rippling on impact and exacerbating the feeling of emptiness in the stomach.
Hang on, help is on its way, I'll be there as fast as I can

How things have changed! Now all you have to do is activate the app and watch the impending arrival of that gastronomic delight, following the route the driver takes to get to your home in real-time. If a car door slams outside, you are not fooled. The stress level remains muted and under control, because you know the pizza is a full two blocks away.

When the car pulls up, you are already heading for the door, wiping away anticipatory saliva from the sides of your mouth with the money secure in your clenched fist. Dinner delivered, you sit down and savour each delectably tasting morsel, the nostrils full of aromas and the serviette dealing to greasy lips and fingers.

How much better we are for technology that let's us know not only where our gourmet pizza is but also when it will arrive. There is enough stress in this world as it is, so anything that reduces that has got to be a good thing, right? Now I wonder if technology could be used to help feed everyone in the world. Now that would be quite a feat....

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