Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fond Memories Of A Caring Mother

My mother is very elderly but the last few months she has deteriorated quickly. It's time's like this that we reflect on life, its brevity and the futility of it ending. Death has no meaning, but life does. Of course, having the hope of future life has meaning but without that prospect, life would have an overwhelming feeling of futility. The resurrection on the other hand has meaning and provides comfort.

I recall with appreciation the love and protection my mother provided. I must have been about three or four and I was told never to cross the busy road near our then home in South Australia. The children I was with all went over that busy stretch of tarmac and I just followed, thinking nothing of it.

I recall playing on a pile of small stones used in road works when I heard a "Raymond!" I looked across the road and saw my distressed and angry mother. It was only then I remembered I wasn't supposed to be there. She told me to wait and came steaming across the road. I thought I was in for a spanking but when she reached my, she gave me the biggest hug I ever got. It was a hug of relief. I remember hearing her under her breath saying two or three times "Thank you God". She then said I had been very naughty and wasn't to do that again and carried me home.

Such love you feel, especially when you are young, is priceless. It gives a sense of security and being wanted. How can you ever repay your parents for what they gave you? I realise not everyone had a good start in life with parents there for them, and I am genuinely sorry for that. No child should ever feel abandoned or unloved. However, if you had caring parents, what a gift.

P.S. My mother past away in October, 2016, in her 91st year.

Me on a piece of playground equipment, with my brother and mother.
Notice her hand holding me, making sure I didn't fall off. I was about two. 

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