Thursday, August 27, 2015

Consumer Watch

What do you think when something unexpected happens with a product you consume?

I don't expect to decanter everyday wine but this one we got the other day certainly needed to be. We both ended up with a mouthful of sediment. Pictured is one glass with what wasn't swallowed can be seen. Not nice on the palette.

The wine is Five Flax Merlot Cabernet 2014, owned by a company named Pernod Ricard.

To the left is a chocolate chip we bought the other day from a New Zealand firm, Sun Valley Foods. As it says, dark chocolate no. When the packet was opened they looked like milk chocolate at best.

We checked the ingredients list: Sugar, vegetable fat, coca powder (12%), emulisfier (soya lecithin), flavouring.

I don't how 12% cocoa is in anyway a dark chocolate. My wife sent an email to say she was disappointed but they didn't bother replying. Sun Valley foods, a big thumbs down.

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