Monday, January 19, 2015

Two With One Blow

At the moment we are having warm weather, which flies like. They are not a plague but they are around. We get an annoying small fly that likes to walk on everything. We are also a country where fly screens are not common. So when you open up the house, these cocky, pesky visitors come in.

I am handy with the swat so they meet their match when they arrive at our house. The other day one was in the kitchen, making a nuisance. I grabbed the swat and took a swing that collected it in mid-air, taking it to a premature end. Just as I did so, another fly came into the kitchen and flew in from behind me. As I dealt to the one mentioned, the other was caught by the swipe and perished as well. Two down with one blow.

My weapon of choice (that's not me though)

There were no other flies in the kitchen, so taking out the only two in the room simultaneously was a testament to the quality of the wrist action (but also fortuitous I must admit). However, the line is well and truly drawn in the sand. Flies, enter our house at your peril. If only they could transmit this information to other flies, then a fly free house would be ours. They can't however, so the carnage must continue. My undoubted fly-swat skills continue to be honed on the battlefield of our kitchen.

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