Monday, February 9, 2015

Beware Of Phone Scams

I got a phone call and when I answered, there was just silence. I waited a short while, then put the receiver down. I checked who the caller was and got an Australian number. I went to the internet and found only one website that had this number listed, Now I assume Australian web sites are but the twist here it is just a .com site.

I found the person as D Mitaros, not a name I am familiar with. This namlats site has a personal profile for several people with this name scattered across that country. They all have personal profiles that didn't seem quite right to me. They have location addresses and I have their phone number, but not known by White Pages when I checked.

There is a scam that occurs when you ring them up out of curiosity. You are connected to a number with perhaps a $20 instant charge and expensive per minute rates. If this was one, I cannot be certain as I didn't want to be caught ringing a number of someone in Western Australia I don't even know. Some clues led me to believe I would end up in Thailand.

The advice is if you get an overseas call and don't know who it is, they can ring you back if it is that important. Making a call back could be an expensive mistake.

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