Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mother Nature

I was watching a TV show about animals and to kick it off the narrator had to put in about evolution. It wasn't necessary but it is as if they have to. 'Mother nature' was also mentioned which got me wondering. Why is evolution spoken of as a fact when it is still a theory? Also, what is this amazing maternal force that guides the natural world?

Firstly, evolution. It has never been proven and cannot be proven. How can it, when the basis for it is an explosion that caused it to happen? Have you ever heard of a creative explosion? House cleaning would be a breeze if rolling a stick of explosive into each room did the trick. It is impossible for an explosion to do anything that is remotely constructive. Would an explosion have caused all this water that envelops this planet for example?

Secondly, this 'mother nature' thing. Apparently ancient pagan peoples believed in a maternal goddess of nature and fertility. It was the force behind the natural world. Amazingly, evolutionists talk of this pagan deity as if they believe in it too. Does that sound like a reasoned scientific deduction or hocus pocus? The pagan tribes that worshiped gods and goddesses have more in common with modern, 'reasoned' evolutionists than you would think.

In summary, denying the existence of a powerful God leads one to illogical conclusions. As the NWT Translation says: "Look! They have rejected the word of Jehovah, and what wisdom do they have?"

PS. The above narrator  pronounced evolution "evil-ution". To refuse to give to the wonderful Maker of this universe any credit for His handiwork is truly an evil thing to do.

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