Thursday, January 2, 2014

Light 'N Funny : 2013 Summary

Yet another big year for the blog you are reading. Since records began, Light 'n Funny has grown 138% (2011), 133% (2012) and 94% (2013). Of course growth won't continue at that rate. In fact I will be surprised if can match that and I will explain below. First things first....

For the facts of 2013:

Hits: 18,800

Blog of the year: Amazing Breast Gourd Plant (over 10,000!) 

Countries most visiting (ranked): USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, Latvia, India, Malaysia & Germany.

The reason for the expected drop is that the popularity of the blog of the year can surely not continue. I don't know why it went off the way it did but it must have been emailed around or posted at other sites. The stream of readers was unrelenting for that article.

There were problems with Blogger during the year when publishing an article became a nightmare. Despite that, the show went on and that didn't seem to affect visitors as you as existing blog articles were there to enjoy.

Group hug everyone

The thing is it is a commercial free blog, meaning that there are no advertisements, pop ups or requests for donations. It is all free to you all, the way the internet was designed to be. I hope it entertained you and return to browse around, have a laugh or reflection on something. It has been nice having you.

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