Friday, October 25, 2013

PC Reminders

Due to the climate of political correctness, the following expressions must be modified, lest we seem insensitive:

'Hillbillies' - You must now refer to them as 'Appalachian Americans'.

Those marrying out of their age group are not 'cradle snatchers' - they simply prefer 'generationally differential relationships'.

A person is not 'stupid'...they suffer from 'minimal cranial development'.

A person isn't 'dumb' - they are a 'detour off the information highway'.

How about being PC with regards to women?

She does not 'nag' you - she becomes 'verbally repetitive'.

She is not an 'airhead' - she is 'reality impaired'.

How about being PC with regards to men?

He is not 'quiet'...he is a 'conversational minimalist'.

He does not 'get lost all the time' - he 'investigates alternative destinations'.

He is not 'balding' - he has 'follicle regression'.

It's not his 'crack' you see hanging out of his pants - It's 'trouser cleavage'.

(On the last one, I can't stand seeing it - disgusting).

The pic below is typical of the chauvinistic attitude still too common today. When will some people get PC?

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