Monday, February 25, 2013

A Woman's Place

I saw this book title at my local library and showed it to my wife. To my surprise she wanted to get it out and read it. It is about the attitudes that prevailed regarding women of 40 - 50 years ago. Some of it would be called chauvinistic, but much of what is said is very sensible - if unpopular - in today's world.

One example is under 'Wedding Etiquette'. It says "The engagement ring should be provided by the young man immediately he obtains consent to the engagement, and should be worn by his fiancĂ©e when the engagement is announced...In fact it is correct today for the young man to escort the girl to the jewelers where she may select the ring of her choice."  I recall doing that with my bride-to-be.

These days, the ring is often presented at the time of asking for her hand. I prefer it the 'old fashioned way' as she should have the ring she likes, not one chosen for her. Plus, it dignifies the woman when her affirmative response is not assumed. She gives her consent and she chooses the ring she's about respect for women. 

So many of the old fashioned ways were not the best, but others were. The book also talks about chastity values that have been sadly lost in this world. If you can obtain a copy, it is well worth a read, and will give you a few chuckles. There are websites that sell the book. The publisher is Penguin Books and the author is described as Redmer Yska.

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