Monday, June 4, 2012

Record Hits In May 2012

A blog like this can get buried with so many out there doing similar things. I like to think it has a little extra variety, something for all if you like. A couple of years ago, getting past 100 hits a month was the goal. It is growing and started to really take off. Last month, 1,150 hits! I guess it takes a while to get noticed, then a solid core of viewers returning.

The most popular blogs of May were 'A Student Who Got 0% On His Exams' (already 4th all time most popular), evergreen 'Self Contradicting Phrases' (all time top) and 'Tui Advertisements' (all time 2nd). Nations that were the most interested in Light 'n Funny were USA 25%, NZ 12.5%, UK 8.1%, Australia 3.5%, followed by the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Belgium, Russia and Canada.

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