Monday, May 14, 2012

Picton NZ Eco World Aquarium

We went to the Picton Eco World Aquarium and it is worth a visit. It has large tanks of fish, many smaller ones as well as birds, molluscs, reptiles and insects. The penguins had been released so were not there for our visit. Still, plenty to see.
First picture is a turtle group hug. You could feel the love.

After that a couple of Crayfish, doing what they do best...very little.

Then the the NZ unique Tuatara lizard. They live a long time and apparently breathe very slowly. I must try it to improve my longevity.

Finally, the NZ Weta. It looks like a cricket, but they are again something unique to the country.

Certainly a most useful addition to the Picton foreshore.

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