Friday, May 20, 2011

Recommended Book Titles: Part 1

If you enjoy reading, may I suggest some of my favourite titles:

The Debt Cycle by Owen Moore
Kiddies Games by I.C. Yu
Not The Sharpest Knife by T.Hick
Creatures Of The Sea by C.Lyon
Mindless Scribbles by I. Doodle
Over The Cliff by Hugo Furst
Cliff Disaster by Eileen Ova
Cats Revenge by Claude Ball
Squeeky Bedsprings by I.P. Knightly
Out On The Prowl by Tom Catt
Evil Woman by Jessie Bell
After Dinner by I.V. Eaton
Stash Of Jewels by Iva Pearl
The Foolish Man by A.Pratt
Keep Warm At Night by Ida Down
Denied Entry by Dee Barr
Benefits of Hydration by P. Daley
Road Sense by Jay Walker

Others in the series: Part TwoPart Three Part Four & Part Five.

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